The Redbubble team thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr Suder on the Redbubble business case.  Gabriele was able to quickly comprehend Redbubble’s international business opportunities and risks.  We were highly impressed with her deep knowledge of the subtleties of international business strategy and her acute ability to provide insights into global markets and best practice.”

  • Paul Gordon, In-House Counsel and Company Secretary, Legal & Marketplace Integrity Team, Redbubble Ltd.

“Gabriele is particularly skilled at understanding the roles played by both business and government in international trade and investment, and leading multi-stakeholder projects to engage and produce effective outcomes to negotiations and processes. In particular I am familiar with a project Gabriele led in 2011 to interview me and member firms for a study of Australian corporations and their international market access strategies. Gabriele’s effective networking, negotiation and communication styles are equally matched by her strong analysis skills and ability to provide sound advice and recommendations for ways to move forward”

  • Jason Collins, CEO, European Australian Business Council

"Professor Suder has a natural, highly effective, positive team leadership in our international projects (direct and over distance). She has the real stamina of an entrepreneur while being an accomplished expert in internationalization, strategic engagement and international strategy - who helps you drive productivity. In particular, she excels in adding lateral thinking to her analyses, which gives her the rather rare capacity to see potential high-return value-adding linkages that are not always evident, and ensures they are well understood and suitably actioned. And: she is also a great keynote speaker- I have seen her inspire her audiences at many occasions (here at IDE, at Oxford University, in France, in Canada, in China and at UNCTAD."

  •  Satoshi Inomata, Chief Senior Researcher, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO)

"Gabriele spoke providing important insights on the subject of Europe, Brexit and market access, to a large gathering I convened in Australia. Present were private investors and senior people from commerce, industry, the professions and academia. Gabriele’s deliberate presentation style allowed for considerable discussion and a lively question and answer session.”” 

  • Ray Andrews, Managing Director, Andrews Group Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.

"I highly commend Prof. Suder who I recently worked with on a multi-stakeholder multi-country research project out of Afghanistan, in which she successfully led and managed a complex project to award winning outcomes: The results we achieved together support multinationals in their ability to successfully access high risk international markets and help them succeed internationally in terrorism-related contexts at home or abroad. Gabriele is methodical, results-driven and positively constructive in her approach to leadership and operations, and she is highly reputed in this field."

  • Niklas Nielsen, Partner, Mecom

“I regard Prof. Gabriele Suder as a highly- skilled and highly- qualified professional, with in-depth international experience and inter-cultural awareness, and as an excellent speaker. I have also valued her capacity for interpersonal relations.”

  • Raul Gangotena, Gangotena&Co, Former Ambassador of Ecuador to Australia and New Zealand, and Dean of the Group of Latin American Ambassadors, previously CEO of Metrozona, National Pre-Investment Fund, and other.

“Gabriele makes you feel welcomed, appreciated and informed. She surely knows how to get the right people to hold the right conversations, and leads negotiations with an open mind, an agenda and a drive for mutually beneficial results. She has the best suited profile and assertiveness to lead a fruitful agenda to reach constructive results. “

  • Gabriel Jara, Consul General of Chile, Melbourne, Australia

"I ‘d like to thank Gabriele for the important strategic marketing insights I had the pleasure to receive, in my role as Managing Director of Riviera Radio, a branch of Morris Communications: She effectively analysed how we are developing a market in a highly diverse community, elaborating on strategic options in a particular multi-cultural and multi-revenue setting, and co-publishing two editions of case study materials promoting our operations in Europe and the USA. She has also been a great speaker/interviewee on the radio.  Riviera Radio is the only 24-hour, English-language FM radio station serving the French Riviera, serves one of the largest and most sophisticated visitor populations in the world."

"My colleague, Dr Gabriele Suder (Prof.), has been Director of International Relations at the University of Melbourne since 2014 and has made a great contribution to the University's international engagement and profile during this period. She has achieved high-level distinction for her work in the field of regionalization and its impact on international investment flows and trends, and has also been recognised for her analytical mind and its impact on organisation practice and organisational performance. She is an effective speaker, networker, people leader and writer, and she authors well read international business and strategy books, including 'Doing Business in Europe' (currently for its third edition) and her book series on the impact of terrorism on internationalization. Her academic and senior leadership, her international achievements and her deep engagement with Europe, Asia and Latin America provide an excellent basis for her advisory work, particularly on Free Trade Agreement impact and access analysis, including those in train with the European Union and, in due course, Britain, post BREXIT. I have great pleasure in endorsing Dr Suder - I am sure she will continue her outstanding success in the academy and advisory work on the internationalization of trade"

  • John M L Woods, Lecturer & Subject Coordinator, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne and former Australian Ambassador to Peru; Vice Chair Victoria of the Australia Latin America Business Council (ALABC)

"I have attended two of Prof. Gabriele Suder’s PhD workshops at the University of South Australia, on 18th and 19th July 2017. The first workshop taught us the most relevant contributions in Internationalization knowledge and internationalization theory, the second trained us in Presentation and Communication skill. They were both great as Prof. Gabriele is very enthusiastic; she interacts directly with the audience and uses a very effective, more dynamic approach. We all participated and enjoyed it a lot, and learned even more. Looking forward to attending her next workshop soon. I recommend it too all PhD students because it is important and completes our skillset so well!"

  • Luisa Campos, PhD Student at UniSA


And much more: "captivating", "talking with passion and humor.. learning was really useful", ""one of the best communications trainings ever taken.. very valuable opportunity, great emphasis on the important things", "enthousistic, clear and engaging - thank you!"