Conferences and Keynotes


Keynotes and presentations on international business strategy, current trade & investment trends, flows and issue, and diversity/multicultural management. 

FEATURED PODCAST: "Unlock the power of diversity!" Melbourne Business School Podcast,

FEATURED VIDEO OF KEYNOTES: "The importance of Europe for Corporate Internationalisation", Jean Monnet Workshop with Microsoft Corp, TI, and Sophia EuroLab 



Academy of International Business Annual Conference 2021, 29 June 2021: "New Hunting Ground for Competitive Advantage: The Role of IB in Digital Innovation for Learning & Teaching Engagement (How COVID-19 Has Pushed Teaching & Educational Transformation)", Panelists Gabriele Suder (RMIT University; Chair), Raj Aggarwal, Kent State University Foundation, David Berg, Hamline University.

"Doing Business in Asia: Frontrunner for Disruption, Megatrends, and Transformation in IB?", Gabriele Suder, RMIT University (Chair & Keynote), panelists: Klaus Meyer, Western University, Sumati Varma, University of Delhi, Marleen Dieleman, National University of Singapore.

"Understanding Headquarters-Subsidiary Relations through Covid-19: A Tripolar Time Conceptualisation for MNE Learning and Unlearning",  Presenter: Gabriele Suder, RMIT University. Co-authors: Monica Riviere, ISC Paris; Carole Reade, San José State University. 

Gartner International CEO Forum (2019/2020)"What is your leadership?"/ (October 2019) "Asia-engagement trends for Multinational Corporations: what's new, what's next (Best Practice)?"/ (April and June 2019): Brexit: impact assessment for foreign multinationals in Australia and Asia-Pacific (and other).

CESAA Conference 2019 'Europe in a Year of Transition: Challenges and Opportunities" (Nov. 2019) SLOW-BALISATION: MULTINATIONALS AND THEIR INVESTMENT-LED REGIONALIZATION IS SHAPING THE POST-BREXIT WORLD, RMIT Melbourne, Australia.

CSG ASIA- PACIFIC SUMMIT(October 2019) 'Innovation Best Practice for Multinationals' mission -critical priorities: the tech sector' and 'Diversity & Inclusion Best Practice', Brisbane, Australia.

RMIT EU Centre (May 2019) "Brexit impacts and options: The MNE perspective", Melbourne, Australia.

TRADE POLICY FORUM of The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (Trade Victoria), The State of Victoria, Australia, "Victoria’s Interest in the Australia- EU Free Trade Agreement"

The American Chamber of Commerce:"Diversity = Dividend." AmCham and Melbourne Business School, with Pete Manasantivongs, Karen Kelly Michelle Hackney Matt Rowe and Matthew Hough.

HEARING at OECD/DFAT investigation "International Competitiveness of Services", for Australian Services Roundtable. 10 August 2017.

Speaker at the HEARING FOR THE INQUIRY INTO AUSTRALIA’S TRADE AND INVESTMENT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE UNITED KINGDOM, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Australian Government, 05 July 2017.

"Re-Shaping the mosaics of European relations: Developing post-BREXIT international partnerships strategy." Forthcoming at European Association for International Education, EAIE 2017, Sevilla.

“The business case for a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Australia”, Academy of International Business (AIB) 2017, Dubai, 03 July 2017.

“Mind the gap: The role of HRM in creating, capturing and leveraging rare knowledge in hostile environments” (with co-authors), Academy of International Business (AIB) 2017, Dubai, 04 July 2017.

"Assessing & tracking opportunity cost & benefit: designing engagement analytics.", Asia-Pacific Association for International Education, APAIE 2017 (forthcoming).

“The Legacy of 9/11 in International Business Research: A 15 year Review and an Outlook”, Academy of International Business, New Orleans, June 2016.

"Policy Briefing on the topic of ‘Business Migration: issues for businesses expanding into the European Union or Australia”, RMIT EU Centre, Melbourne, 18 May 2016.

"Terror In Europe:Considering Alternative Counter-Terrorism Approaches For Australia And The EURMIT EU Centre, Melbourne, 16 May 2016.

“Supporting HE Internationalisation through Intercultural IQ”, Asia-Pacific Association for International Education, APAIE, Melbourne, March 2016.

“Perspectives on strategic internationalization: Developing capabilities for renewal”, Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA) Conference. Sydney, 17-19 February 2016.

A business case for the FTA between Australia and the EU”, National Symposium on EU-Australia Relations”, University of Melbourne, 17 November 2015.

Revamp your institution’s international relations operations”, 2015 EAIE Conference, Glasgow, September 2015.

"“Internationalization of Knowledge and Strategic Organizational Renewal”, Virtual Lecture, SLC/The University of Delhi, October 2015. Find out more here.

"Strengthening Victoria's Largest Export - Education", Australia China Business Council, August 2015. Find out more here.

“Kiss, bow ....? Supporting external relations through intercultural IQ”, Short & Sweet Seminar (Professional development trainer), The University of Melbourne, August 2015.

"IB learning through multidisciplinary simulations", Australian and New Zealand International Business Academy, ANZIBA Conference, February 2015.

"Internationalization process and the renewal capability of the firm" (co-authored with Monica Riviere, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings), Academy of Management 2014. and, EAIE 2014, Prague.

"Extinction or Metamorphosis: Where the Typical Clusters Have Gone?" (co-authored with Dr Vesna Sedoglavich, ANU (Competitive Papers), Florida, Academy of Management, 10 August 2013, doi: 10.5465/AMBPP.2013.13455abstract.

“The Domain of International Business”, Keynote, Academy of International Business, Istanbul, 4 July 2013.

“Doing Business in Europe (China trade & investment relations)”, Soochow University (SUDA), Suzhou, China, 09 March 2013.

"Dynamic Capabilities for Successful Strategic Renewal: Internationalization and Sourcing Capabilities" (co-authored with M. Rivière, SKEMA) and "Extinction or Metamorphosis: Where the Typical Clusters Have Gone?" (co-authored with Dr Vesna Sedoglavich, ANU (Competitive Papers), Academy of Management 2013.

"Human Factors in Virtual Team Pedagogies: ICT based Learning in Multi-Campus IB Education" (discussion paper), and Panel “"Women in Business in Turkey", Academy of International Business Studies and EURAM, Istanbul, 26 June - 6 July 2013.

Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA) conference“New Insights into Operating across Borders: From Traditional to Emerging Markets”: “The Development of rare business Internationalisation knowledge and capabilities”, 18 – 20 April 2013, Macquerie University, Sydney.

The Interplay of Regionalism and International Business”, Australia National University (ANUCES) Roundtable, 16 April 2016.

Annual Panels and Presentations at Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE), Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) (since 2014) and the European Association for International education conference (EAIE) (since 2014)

Jean Monnet Conferences, 21 March 2013, “What Future for the Franco-German engine of European Integration?” and 26 March 2013, “Entente Cordiale ? A Franco-British challenge for Europe”, SKEMA Sophia Antipolis and via vodcast.

“The application of IOT data to FDI research.” August 2012: Presentation, expert and collaboration for UN World Investment Report 2013, invited and organised by UNCTAD, Investment Trends and Issues Branch, Geneva.

The Third Multinational Enterprises and Sustainable Development International Conference (MESD'12) 12-14 December 2012, New Delhi, India: 'The internationalization path of Indian SMEs' Find it here online.

European International Business Academy (EIBA) 2012 Conference, Brighton, UK, 07-09 December 2012: 'The Evolving Geography of Production Hubs across East Asia'. Find it here online.

Jean Monnet conference 03 December 2012, "Student & young graduate mobility in Europe and its impact on European business", SKEMA Sophia Antipolis, Grand Amphitheatre and direct transmission to US- and China - campuses. Open invitation. Find it here online.

Jean Monnet Conference/ECSA-World Conference on "Sustainable growth in the European Union - the role of education and training", 13-14 November 2012, Brussles, Belgium: Speaker, "New education for new growth- Re-thinkinging education and training systems by opening-up existing pedagogical approaches" Find it here online.

Academy of International Business annual Conference, 30 June - 03 July 2012, Rethinking the Roles of Business, Government and NGOs in the Global Economy 2012 Washington D.C., USA
Keynote speaker - UNCTAD WIR Panel I: Towards an International Policy Framework for Sustainable Development (IPFSD) Find it here online
Session chair and speaker -' The Geography of Value Creation '; Co-chair and organiser- Diversity, East and West: A Profit and Non- Profit Perspective of Women in International Business; Find it here online.

Jean Monnet conference, "The importance of Europeanisation for Corporate Internationalisation", Two-campus Workshop, 02 April 2012, with keynote speakers John Vassallo, Vice-President EU Affairs, Microsoft Corp, Jean Pierre Dolait, former Marketing and Sales Director at TI, Thomson Consumer, Valeo et Thales and Candace Johnson, founder/co-founder of SES, Loral-Teleport Europe, Europe Online, VATM, GTWN, Sophia EuroLab, Sophia Business Angels and Succes Europe Find it here online.

Research Workshop at the University of Queensland, 02 December 2011, "Regional Trade Agreements: The emergence of an Ersatz for Globalisation? - An interdisciplinary perspective of extra- EU integration phenomena." Find it here online.

Symposium at the University of Southern Queensland , 01 December 2011, "Market integration effects" Find out more here online.

Jean Monnet Workshop at SKEMA Business School, Sophia Antipolis, France: "The impact of EU policy, funding and partnership support on SMEs in times of economic crisis". Find out more here.
Or here on the Skema website
See the facebook event. And find an online article about the workshop here.

Fellowship at the Australian National University (ANU): "Market integration and the Liability of Foreignness effects for Austalian firms in the Single Market", Center for European Studies, November 2011 to January 2012 (part of Jean Monnet Chair)

"Towards economic integration: International input-output dynamics as a measure of market grouping evolution in emerging countries" (co-authored with S. Inomata, JETRO, I. Jormanainen, Aalto University, and B. Meng, IDE- JETRO and OECD), presented at XXth Conference of CEDIMES: "Development Models of Emerging Countries: Characteristics, Scope and Challenges", Nov. 8-10, 2010, University of Laval, Quebec; at AJBS, Nagoya, Japan; JETRO (Japan External Trade Relations Organisation) - IDE, Chiba, Japan, and at China Goes Global, Harvard Kennedy School, October 2011.

"Learning and Lobbying: The Evolution of Corporate Political Activity by Emerging Market Firms", (co-authored with S. McGuire and J. Lindeque), Strategic Management Conference 2010: 'Strategic Management at the Crossroads', Rome , 12-17 September 2010.

"Managing under extreme circumstances in Afghanistan- revised" (co-authored with A. Birnik and N. Nielson), EURAM Annual Conference, Rome, 19-22 May 2010. Currently being prepared for publications in collaboration with H. Merchant, FAU.

Workshops at University of Queensland in Brisbane, UQ Business School, Australia, 02 December 2011: Find out more here.
And RMIT's EU Center in Melbourne, Australia, 12 December 2011: Find out more here.

Visiting Lecturer/Fellow in "Doing Business in Europe" (entire or part of courses, distance or presence), selected since 2005:
University of Bath, UK; Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium; Helsinki School of Economics/Aalto University, Finland; ESA Beirut (Lebanon); University of Chiayi, Taiwan; University of Coventry, UK; Science Po/ Tulane University; HEC Montreal (forthcoming), and others.

Visiting Lecturer of 'International Business and terrorism issues: location, brands and corporate strategy issues' (entire or part of courses, distance or presence), selected since 2005:
- Helsinki School of Economics/Aalto University, Finland,
- ESA Beirut (Lebanon),
- University of Coventry, UK, and others.


More Resources

APAIE Beijing 2015 - University Internationalisation Revisited: How to revamp your IR operations. Find the PDF here.
APAIE Melbourne 2016 - Supporting Higher Education Internationalisation through Intercultural IQ. Find the PDF here.

EAIE Glasgow 2015 - Revamp your International Relations Operations: The KPI Question. Find the PDF here.