Case studies (selected)

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"Doing Business in Europe: the case of FedEx", with MSc students Henrie, A., Passarelli, F., Sangha, J., and Vasileva, T., European Case Clearing House (ECCH) 2013, Case Study and Teaching Note, Reference no. 313-123-1 and 313-123-8.

"Expanding event management across and beyond Europe: the MCI group", Co-author Mady Keup European Case Clearing House (ECCH) 2011

"The Europeanization of Marimekko - International Growth and Single Market effects", G. Suder, ECCH 2010

"The European market for Schunk: An audit of Europeanization" Co-author Matthias Poguntke. ECCH 2010

"Microsoft and its UNHCR partnership: Pro Bono Publico", Nina M. Nicholas and G. Suder, European Case Clearing House (ECCH) 2008 (Philip Law Award- ECCH) also published in: International Management 2e by Ch. Deresky, Pearson and in: Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility by Griseri and Seppala, Cengage

“Blending wines? The EU’s rosé policy and its global competition.” and other cases, in : Doing Business in Europe, First and Second Edition, Sage Publications, 2007 and 2011.

"Riviera Radio (RR): Developing a Market in a Highly Diverse Community", in: Keegan, W. & Alon, I. Rollins University and Harvard Business School, "Global Marketing Management". 8th. Ed. Prentice Hall. 2008 and 9th edition, 2013.

"Airbus: A Catalyst of European integration", Doing Business in Europe, Sage 2007 and 2011 (new updated version forthcoming)
"Altran: Launching a Corporate Representation Office in Brussels", also Sage 2007 and 2011.
"Synops6 International: A company at the service of companies", Sage 2007
"Exporting high segment wine to Europe: Early internationalization of an old Lebanese winery with a new management" (Domaine des Tourelles) , Sage 2007
"Microsoft and the Lisbon Dialogue: Accelerating the EU institutional agenda" Co-author Vojtech Jirku, Microsoft International , Sage 2007
"The Case of Schneider Electric: Industrial marketing in Europe, a pack solution?" , Sage 2007
"Coming to Europe - Experience from Dari Couspate", Sage 2007
"Breaking the ice: How to sell a business development strategy in Greece" (Crisp Technologies), Sage 2007
"Springer goes East", Sage 2007
"Carrefour and the challenges of enlargement", Sage 2007
"SMEs benefit from institutional initiatives" (EuroInfoCenter) , Sage 2007
"When the Volvo Group implements its industrial relocation", Sage 2007
"Consulting in Estonia : Bridging East and West: East Partners" (M. Seppala), Sage 2007
Editor ; author of Teaching Note
"Auditing in Europe" (Dirk Feldhausen, BWI) , Sage 2007
"EU Transport Policy and the Europeanization of a Business" (European Commission DG Transport and JRWest) , Sage 2007

"And Piglet, too! A Case of Unintended Consequences in Agricultural Policy." European Case Clearing House 2004

"Geopolitical Management: The Case of Eurocopter." European Case Clearing House, Cranfield 2001

"Microsoft: A Case in Cross Company Transformation." Co-author J. Michael Payte,
Thunderbird International Business Review Vol. 48(4) pp. 555-596 July - August 2006.

...and more - list available upon request