• Strategic engagement - Benefit/outcome: Enhance your brand and income through engagement and partnership alignment with business, research, education and government.
  • Plan for international engagement - Benefit/outcome: Market entry analysis and customized intelligence on entry, investment modes, timing, location choices.
  • Free Trade impact analysis - Benefit/outcome: How to better access markets, free trade agreement conditions, or lobby for access and reduce transaction costs. Anticipate institutional change through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). Includes analysis of options in market integration and de-integration strategies.
  • Adaptation of operational and market entry modes - Benefit/outcome: Supporting you in the development of strategies that promote adaptation of operational modes of your organisation as a response to (related changes in) formal institutional or competititive conditions.
  • Advocacy & International reputation building- Benefit/outcome: Guidance and support for you on how to best contain risk stemming from disruption in the political economy, and how, where, when and with whom to make your interests heard. May include implementation and network facilitation.
  • GVC analysis in regional contexts - Benefit/outcome: Enhanceunderstanding of high - value creation through participation in global value chains (GVCs).
Fostering the understanding and ability to identify changes and capture opportunities abroad.
Strengthening strategy through engagement and expansion, and becoming more resilient to change through cross-sector and cross-disciplinary partnerships.
Fostering teh ability to support internal and external stakeholders, as well as governments in public policy making. Contact Gabriele through the contact page of this website for more information.