Strategy Advisor and Engagement Expert

Accomplished award-winning speaker, advisor, negotiator, researcher and practitioner with significant senior leadership experience in international business strategy & leadership, development, partnership and network development, and strategic advisory.

  • Connecting Business, Peer-to-Peer as well as with Research and Government.
  • Strategy & Internationalisation, Presentation & Communication Skills. 
  • Multicultural management.
  • Focus areas: Doing Business in Europe. Doing Business in Asia. Regionalisation/ Free Trade areas. 
  • Foreign Multinationals leadership.
  • Strategic Engagement & Internationalisation modes, timing and location choice. Global Value Chain focus. 
  • Current Affairs, Trade & Investment. 


Gabriele has worked with clients and oganisations in more than 28 countries, on management and senior leadership level. See Testimonials page.

Watch Gabriele for example on: https://vimeo.com/40576548

Listen to Gabriele for example on: https://mbs.edu/news/podcast-how-to-communicate-effectively-in-a-multic