Award-winning Strategy Advisor - Researcher- Expert - Keynote Speaker


  • Accomplished speaker, advisor, negotiator, researcher and practitioner with significant senior leadership experience in international partnership and network development and advisory, within the changing and highly competitive global business environment.
  • Successfully connecting Business, Research, and Governmental relations & attracting alternative funding.
  • Presentation and communication skills training, Multicultural management.
  • Strategic Engagement & Internationalisation modes, timing and location choice: assessment and startegic advise. 
  • Terrorism impact analysis on corporate internationalisation including transnational education, global value chain management, trade & investment. 
  • Keynotes on Current affairs (politics, economics, free trade agreements, resilience against terrorism) as well as intercultural IQ


Gabriele has worked with clients and oganisations in more than 20 countries on management and senior leadership level. For examples, see Testimonials page.

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